Should You Use Facebook Ads for Your Dental Practice?

In today’s competitive field of marketing, Facebook has proven to be an effective method to target patients for health care, including dentistry. Facebook has the ability to analyze users to see if your ads would be a good match for them based on different criteria (use of certain words in profiles, age, personal interests, etc).
Because it is a social site, Facebook allows for more dialogue and interaction with potential patients compared to the most popular search engines. Facebook is where people go to interact and discuss thoughts. It is not just a source of research. Facebook users also often log on multiple times a day for updates and dialogue and have the opportunity to view your ad(s) multiple times a day. This creates an excellent marketing arena for your money’s worth.

Advertising is easy with Facebook’s two options of pay-per-click and clicks-per-thousand. They also offer advertising options to target larger groups of people.

Facebook Advertisement

Some of you might be wondering what a Facebook ad is and how it works.
As stated previously, Facebook is a social media site that allows individuals to stay in touch with friends and also “like” certain interests. Advertisements are located on the pages so individuals will see them as they click from page to page. Facebook allows you to pay to have your ads in view so users can click on them and be transferred to your site.
Ways to Advertise

There are multiple different models of advertisement for web traffic. The most common are: pay-per-view, pay-per-click, cost-per-action, and cost-per-thousand.

To put it simply, pay-per-view means that you would be paying for every page visit that a person makes to the web page that displays your ad. Usually, this costs less and is less quality than the other options. Pay-per-click means that you would be paying for each time someone clicks on your advertisement. Cost-per-action means that you would be paying after a person completes an action such as buying something from your web page. Cost-per-thousand means that you would be paying a consistent amount of money for one thousand views of your ad.
Are Facebook Ads Right for Your Dental Practice?

Anyone can use Facebook ads who have services they want to support, such as your dental practice. Facebook ads are an excellent form of marketing for dentists because of the way their ads can target certain people and get them in front of individuals several times a day. It is also great for practices who do not have a huge marketing budget.

These ads can work smoothly for you if you and your marketing group come up with a specific plan of action for how your ads will look, which type of people you want to target, and what time of day you would like them displayed. You will need to budget out costs and determine what way you would like to advertise.

With Facebook ads’ effectiveness, you should be sure to see success in your plan. With every plan comes time for fine tuning, but with enough performance improvement, you can definitely draw in more patients to your dental practice.